UA gateway error "BadIdentity TokenRejected"

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UA gateway error "BadIdentity TokenRejected"

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Hello, I try to set-up an UA Gateway communication with authentication setting "Certificate & Private key". When I try to connect the gateway via Configuration Tool, I will get no connection but receive an error "BadIdentity TokenRejected".
May be I made something wrong with the certificate and private key. Where do I get them from? As I'm only configuring UA gateway I thought it should be delivered by UA gateway. Could you please give an advise how to get this running. Do you have an detailed manual regarding this topic available somewhere. On documentation server the focus is on "user name & password".

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Re: UA gateway error "BadIdentity TokenRejected"

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the UaGateway only creates its own application instance certificate, but no user certificates. If you want to use the user authentication via user certificates (and not the standard user/pwd option), you need to create the user certificates yourself (or get them from your administrator). The UaGateway has no own internal user management and hence can not create the certificates. The UaGateway is attached to the Windows User Store, hence if you have local Windows Users you can use these users/pwd for session authentication.

Note: there is a difference between application-certificates and user-certificates.
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