UaGateway V1.5.4 same certificate is trusted and untrusted

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UaGateway V1.5.4 same certificate is trusted and untrusted

Post by ChristophBellmann »

I am trying to connecting to the UaGateway with following encryption settings:

Basic256Sha256, SignAndEncrypt.

I am using various OPCUA Clients, here for example TwinCAT OPC UA Sample Client.

When connecting for the first time, the Clients certificate shows up in the UaGateway "certificates" section.
As i trust the certificate, the status of that certificate switches to "Trusted" and everything seems fine.

But then something weired happens, when i connect the second time:

The same certificate shows up again as untrusted (in the "certificates" section), and i cannot connect.
Also, i cannot set it to trusted (again?). The error message is: "Could not move certificate (...) to the trusted directory."

When i check that directory, i see that this certificate file is located there correctly.

To note: With UaExpert, this does not happen. There, once trusted, a certificate does not appear again as untrusted.
Also, i didnt experience this problem with the prior version of UaGateway.

Please help me, i need to connect to the UaGateway with a third party client!

Thank you very much in advance,

best regards
Christoph Bellmann

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Re: UaGateway V1.5.4 same certificate is trusted and untrust

Post by Support Team »

Hi Christoph,

First you should check the certificate, is seems that the UaGateway can not uniquely identify the Certificate, hence assumes that it is a "new" certificate (and adds it as "untrusted").

The Certificate (content) may not comply to the OPC Foundation specification.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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