OPC AE Filter and using it from OPC-UA

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OPC AE Filter and using it from OPC-UA

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I'm using the evaluation version of the product and I'm able to connect to an AE Server (Siemens Open PCS7) using OPC-UA Alarms. But they have some custom way of requesting historical alarms... To do this, the OPC AE Client must be able to :
- support the "SetFilter" functionality for a subscription,
- set this kind of filter : "OPCHAEServer hmode=advise htStartTime=NOW-30M"
- then call refresh of the subscription

Does the product support this? And if yes, how to I set this kind of filter with my OPC-UA Client? I know about the Select and Where clause of the filter in OPC-UA but I've no idea how to map this to A&E Filter.


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Re: OPC AE Filter and using it from OPC-UA

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the "filter" is not mapped through the UaGateway, because there is no "generic" way to do such mapping.
If the OpenPCS7 is not able to operate without setting any filters, you can not use the UaGateway.

The UaGateway can not implement some vendor specific funcitonalities, therefore the UaGateway just pass through (un-filtered) Alarms. The reveicer must filter/disgard by himself.
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