Can UaGateway run on Windows Server 2003?

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Can UaGateway run on Windows Server 2003?

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We are studying upgrade of a clients DCS. This would lead to the OPC server changing from classic to UA. We have OPC classic clients, so if possible I would like to consider the solution of installing UaGateway in these clients.
1 of the clients has a Windows Server 2003 OS.
Is it reasonable to expect that UaGateway can be installed and run with this OS?
Is anyone aware of any instances where this has been done? Any work-arounds etc. needed to make it work?

I see from the below link that UaGateway "has been tested with WinXP SP3, WinVista and Win 7",
I have also heard that WinVista is somehow based on Windows Server 2003, which gives me some hope...
http://documentation.unified-automation ... ation.html

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Re: Can UaGateway run on Windows Server 2003?

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the UaGateway requires some basic features of the operating system: like the ACL and Firewall and some others, all introduced with WinXPSP3. For that reason this is the "minimum" required system. The Win2003Server is based on the WinXP, however we would need all the enhanced features that came with the Servicepack 3 for WinXP. The naked original W2k3 would not be sufficient to run the UaGateway properly.When installing on W2k3 you should at least have the Servicepack 2 for Win2k3 installed.

When installing the UaGateway it may complain about missing features in the operation system (but will continue to install). You must resolve the reported issues manually. If errors were reported during installation the UaGateway might not work properly.
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