Connect UAGateway to Simatic WinCC RT Advanced OPC UA server

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Connect UAGateway to Simatic WinCC RT Advanced OPC UA server

Post by Oleksandr_Husiev »

I need to connect an OPC DA client to WinCC RT Advanced OPC UA server via UAGateway.
When I try to configure connection to the WinCC OPC UA server in the UAGateway Configuration tool I receive the following message:
"Product URI not accepted. The server you are trying to connect to is not a Unified Automation UaGateway. ConfigurationTool can only connect and configure UaGateway servers".
Does this mean that it is impossible to use third-party OPC UA servers with UAGateway?

Best regards, Oleksandr.

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Re: Connect UAGateway to Simatic WinCC RT Advanced OPC UA se

Post by Support Team »


the UaGateway can connect to all UA Servers including the WinCC RT.

The error message you are receiving is because you are using the wrong tool for configuring the connection to the WinCC-UA-Server. You must use the "Configuration Tool" (but not the Administration Tool) to configure the connection to the WinCC.

1) install the UaGateway
2) follow the Wizzard (Administration Tool) to make basic settings (user/pwd credentials when requested)
3) do not touch anything else !
4) make sure the UaGateway is "running"
5) open the Configuration Tool (will automatically connect to your local UaGateway)
6) her you select the "UA Servers" in the tree and click "Add Server..." button on the lower right side of the window
7) enter/browse for the "opc.tcp://xxxx:48yyy" Endpoint URL of the WinCC UA Server

https://documentation.unified-automatio ... a_sec.html
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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