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Product URI not accepted

Post by Varvara_Ru »


I'm trying to connect UaGateway Wrapper & Proxy v1.4.6 with OPC UA ANSI C Demo Server v1.8.2 on the local host and with a third-party OPC UA Server on the remote host. I get an error:
"Product URI not accepted. The server you are trying to connect to is not a Unified Automation UaGateway. ConfigurationTool can only connect and configure UaGateway servers".
When I use UaExpert with the same settings, everything is fine. The UaExpert connects to both servers.
What does this error mean and how to fix it?

Thank you!

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Support Team
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Re: Product URI not accepted

Post by Support Team »

Hello Varvara,

you can not use the Configuration Tool coming with UaGateway to connect any other UA Server. It's just a tool to configure UA Gateway.
See here to get help configuring connections to other UA Servers:
http://documentation.unified-automation ... onfig.html
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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