Gateway Browse returning bad folder info 5:_0

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Gateway Browse returning bad folder info 5:_0

Post by JaredG »

I'm using Gateway to Proxy to an OPC UA server. Here is a description of the setup and the software being used:
1. UA Gateway 1.4.4 276
2. MTK Explorer 5.1.2
3. FASSTOOLS 10.03

MTK Explorer is connecting to UA Gateway on the same machine.
UA Gateway is being used as a Proxy to FASTTOOLS OPC UA server. FASSTOOLS is setup on a different machine.

Using MTK Explorer to browse the folder structure works, until the Tag folder depth is reached. Instead of a folder named after the tag there is a folder named 5:_0. This folder does not contain any of the tag attributes. Refer to pic1.png attached. I'm verifying the folder and tag attributes using UAExpert.

1. I tested UA Gateway with another OPC UA server and it did expose the tags & attributes as expected.
2. I test MTK UA Tunneller in the same PROXY setup, it did exposed the tags & attributes as expected.

The purpose of this is so i can setup our OPC DA (Classic) client to communicate with FASTTOOLS via OPC UA. But testing is difficult since the tag attributes are not exposed. Has anyone else seen this happen when using Gateway as a Proxy?

I increased browsing timeouts on Gateway, but this did not help.

thank you,

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Re: Gateway Browse returning bad folder info 5:_0

Post by Support Team »

Hello Jared,

from your description it seems that the Fasstools has namespace information that is not unique, and hence not correct. The UaGateway can not properly map, because it is not unique. For UaExpert this is no problem because it can eliminate doublicates automatically. The Fasttools can only responde single variables ber request, for UaExpert this is no problem because by "clicking" you only request attibutes for one single node anyways. However the UaGateway will do bulk operation, which probably does not work with the Fasttools.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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