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Posted: 25 Nov 2011, 10:32
by Brander
The uninstaller does not remove the user group "UaGatewayUsers" and it does not remove the Limit settings for that group in default COM Security.

This is verified in Windows 7 and Windows 2003.

Best Regards
Patrik Brander


Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 13:17
by Support Team
That is correct, the user group is created by the Administration Tool and not by the setup, hence the uninstall is not removing it. When "over-installing" e.g. a newer version of UaGateway this will give you the advantage that all user right configuration will survive and does not need to be done again.

You can remove the group manually if you don't need it anymore. In the next version we will remove with uninstall. The security risk of leaving this group in the ACL is not very big as this group should only contain users what are allowed to remotely access the machine anyway.