"Cant connect to UA server"

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"Cant connect to UA server"

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i have a UA Gateway isntalled a while ago and i was reading data from a Nuntius OPC UA server and then sharing the data using OPC DA to a Wonderware Intouch sys

suddenly the UaGateway server wasnt able to start again

it says " Unable to start the COM service"

and when i try to open the configurator it says:

"the server you are trying to connect is not a Unified Automation Gateway"

any ideas ? its the exact same configuration than before


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Re: "Cant connect to UA server"

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from the error description, I would asume that the TCP port, that the UaGateway tries to open on startup, is already used by some other application. UaGateway tries to open/listen on 48050 (default), but maybe you have configured differently.

The ConfigTool (which is an UA Client as well) is preconfigured to connect to the UaGateway's port. From your error description it seems that the ConfigTool found "some UA Server" running the on the port, the ConfigTool connected itself to this server, but suddenly figured out that it is NOT the UaGateway.

You must insure that the UaGateway is configured to use a port which is exclusively used by UaGateway. To configure the TCP port the UaGateway uses itself for its own endpoint, you must open the AdminTool (not the ConfigTool) and on the UA-Endpoint tab you can configure the endpoint of the UaGateway (including the port).

NOTE: ConfigTool is used to "configure" the underlying connections to the underlying servers, but AdminTool is used to "administer" the behavior of the UaGateway istself. Check out grafic in documentation (especially look out for the arrows in the graphic) indicating which tool is used for which purpose.
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