complex data type in events between c++ and Java SDK

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complex data type in events between c++ and Java SDK

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we have server and client using the Java SDK and another client and server using the C++ SDK. Both servers are issuing events using our own complex type. We can trigger the event and consume it between instances using the same SDK, however, we do not manage to send these complex events from one SDK to the other,

Can you please let us know whether this is in general possible? I have the feeling that since the different mechanisms are used for finding the serializer inb the different SDKs it is maybe not possible to have events from one SDK to the other.

We are still using the Prosys-OPC-UA-Java-SDK-Client-Server-Evaluation-1.4.8-8731 and an evaluation version of the C++ SDK.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: complex data type in events between c++ and Java SDK

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Hi Andreas,

OPC UA defines how structure data types are described in a type dictionary by a server and how they are encoded and decoded based on the type description.

The handling of structure data types must be independent of the tooling used to implement the handling and it must be possible to exchange structures between clients and servers running on different operating systems, processor platforms and developed with different programming languages. It is a bug if it does not work.

We have know of an user of the JAVA SDK that is able to access structures in his JAVA SDK based server from UaExpert. UaExpert is based on the C++ client SDK. But there was an initial issue and the user had to fix something in the data type description / representation on the server side to get it working.

Do you register code for the structures in the SDKs and are the structures serialized by the stacks or do you use generic encoders?

Best Regards,
Unified Automation Support Team

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