Browse current alarms and acknowledge by event id

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Browse current alarms and acknowledge by event id

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I'm searching for an example to browse the current alarms (to get the current event ids) and to acknowledge an alarm with event id. Is there anything available?
My use case is, that I get the node id (identifier and namespace index) and I want to acknowledge the current alarm. At the moment the acknowledgement is processed only by the node id, but some UA servers can't handle this.


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Re: Browse current alarms and acknowledge by event id

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Dear Frederik,

The NodeId of the Alarm (ConditionId) and the EventId is received with every event notification if the corresponding event fields are selected.

The NodeId of the Alarm is used as ObjectId and the NodeId of the Acknowledge Method from the AcknowledgeableCondtionType is used as MethodId.

If you want to get the last event again, the ConditonRefresh Method can be called on the ConditionType.

There is a full alarm example with refresh and acknowledge in the C++ demo console client:
Method subscribeAlarms()
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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