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tagfileconfigobject missing nodemanagertagfile.h

Posted: 26 Mar 2021, 19:25
by sriramboppana
I recently built the OPC UA C++ SDK (1.7.4) for QNX 7.1 64-bit.

Within the SDK, in src/uaserver/coremodule/tagfileconfigobject.cpp, there is a required header dependency "nodemanagertagfile.h".

As far as I can tell, this library is no longer supported in SDK vs. 1.7.4 and the earliest reference I could find for this library is in SDK vs. 1.4 which could mean the tagfileconfigobject.cpp is out of date or no longer supported. I tried excluding the include library command but it led to more than >200 build errors and could not find an alternative library with same API calls that could replace the nodemanagertagfile library. The only method that works so far is to exclude the tagfileconfigobject.cpp from the build.

Are there any insights into this?

Re: tagfileconfigobject missing nodemanagertagfile.h

Posted: 30 Mar 2021, 14:41
by Support Team

the files tagfileconfigobject.cpp and tagfileeventtypedata.cpp should not be included in your build.
We need to remove them from the delivery, they are not needed for the SDK.

If the project file is created with CMake, these files are not included.

See src\uaserver\uaservercpp\coremodule\CMakeLists.txt
BUILD_UATAGFILE should be off and the files are only included if this switch is ON.