About CTT test Subscription Publish Min 02, 003.js

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About CTT test Subscription Publish Min 02, 003.js

Post by Bipo »

Hi support team

I am testing with OPC Unified Architecture Compliance Test Tool, with the test case "Subscription Publish Min 02, 003.js".

It will modify the publishing interval and check the request time and response time will be in the customized publishing interval.

But after I check the SDK, the publishing interval will not depend on the client's request time, it will only depend on m_nPublishingInterval(uasubscirption.cpp).

Under this constraint, if there is some latency from the network, the test case will be failed all the time. It will calculate as (publishing interval - 500 ms) < (response time - request time) < (publishing interval + 500 ms). But SDK will not reset m_nPublishingInterval after receiving the client's request.

How can I pass this CTT test case(Subscription Publish Min 02, 003.js) without modifying SDK?

Best Regards,

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Support Team
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Re: About CTT test Subscription Publish Min 02, 003.js

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Hello Bipo,

m_nPublishingInterval(uasubscirption.cpp), respects the publishing interval set by the client when creating the subscription and modifying the subcription.

When creating the subscription, UaSubscription::UaSubscription() --> Construction
m_nPublishingInterval(publishingInterval) // publishingInterval is set by the client

When modifying the subscription, UaSubscription::modifySubscription() method
m_nPublishingInterval = publishingInterval; // publishingInterval is set by the client

With CTT, and using the demo server. We don't see any error for the Subscription Publish Min 02/003.js. The test case is succeeded without any error.
Best regards
Unified Automation Support Team

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