OPC UA C++ Demo Server V1.7.1: sampling rate 10 ms

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OPC UA C++ Demo Server V1.7.1: sampling rate 10 ms

Post by RavilN »

I have installed C++ demo server, and cannot make it to publish data on demo nodes with rates faster then 100 ms.
I have modified ServerConfig.xml file, section AvailableSamplingRates, and added sampling rate 10 ms. The server returns revised sampling rate as 10 ms, but data changes still reported with 100 ms rate.
I tried to set different publishing rates, faster than sampling rate and slower with queue size enough to hold all values.
I tried to call method Demo/SetSimulationSpeed with 10 ms, tried to enable simulation, nothing helps.
I am subscribed to node ns=2;s=Demo.Dynamic.Scalar.Int16
Tried node ns=2;s=Demo.History.ByteWithHistory too, the same result.

Also, when I add <SamplingRate>1</SamplingRate> into section AvailableSamplingRates, even when there are no clients connected, server uses high CPU (around 60%).

Would be nice if you coudl advise how to configure the server to get data changes as well historical data with rate 10 ms or faster.

Thank you, Ravil

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