AnalogItem lost its EngineeringUnit and InstrumentRange

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AnalogItem lost its EngineeringUnit and InstrumentRange

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In version UA SDK C++ Bundle 1.4.2 (BINARY Edition) the AnalogItemType the browse window still shows EngineeringUnit and InstrumentRange as additional properties besides the EUrange (see attachment AnalogItemType.png). Compiling a model, and in the modeler view both properties disapeared. As far as I remeber both properties were present before.

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Re: AnalogItem lost its EngineeringUnit and InstrumentRange

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OPC UA defines modelling rules used to indicate on a type that a component / property is mandatory or optional. If you check these modelling rules for the properties of the AnalogItemType, you will find out that EURange is a mandatory property but EngineeringUnit and InstrumentRange are optional properties.

If you instantiate an AnalogItemType as variable, only the mandatory properties are automatically created.

If you select the variable instance in the UaModeler you can find a button "Select optional components" where you get a dialogue to enable the optional components.

With the C++ SDK you can set the property value to create optional properties.

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