Does SDK support the "timebias"?

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Does SDK support the "timebias"?

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Dear all,

I am trying to create a simply UA client with the C++ OPC UA SDK, which will be similar to a Classic-DA client.
My question is:
1.Does c++ SDK support the "timebias" as Classic-DA client?
2. If c++ SDK supports it, which service will use it?

Thank so much in advance,

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Re: Does SDK support the "timebias"?

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the classic DA "timebias" on the DAGroup does not exsist anymore. In OPC UA all timestamps are guarateed to be UTC, hence there is no need to remember different time zones of different data sources, it is all "same" (UTC).

If your client wants to convert the received data into the time zone it lives in, there is no additional information required, just add whatever bias you have on the definately, guaranteed UTC delivery of the server's timestamp. Most clients just display "as is" (in UTC), but others may decide to add bias (depending on their on local time) before displaying.

Note: around the globe there is only one time "the UTC", everything else is just a local interpretation.
Best regards
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