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UaBase not distributed with Linux platform?

Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 16:42
by kku
We have purchased the Ansi C SDK with both Windows and Linux platforms. We initially began development on Windows and everything is fine. However, when we try to move our code to Linux, we ran into some issues. In the file, there folder for uabase source files. The serve code that is generated by UaModeler is referencing these. However, in our Linux distribution file, uasdkcbundle-src-linux64-x86-gcc4.7.2-v1.5.1-313.tar.gz, uabase is not there, nor is it being built in the script. Is this a simple oversight or is it not needed? I can't compile my main project (fails in linux, but ok in windows) due to these missing files. Can you help me with this?

- Karl

Re: UaBase not distributed with Linux platform?

Posted: 22 Sep 2016, 18:27
by Support Team
Hello Karl,

within the "third-party" there is no uabase. The folder structure in delivery for Windows and in delivery for Linux is exactly identical, except the fact that in Linux the "third-party" is missing completely, because Linux brings such libs with the OS, you just apt-get the dev packages.

The structure of the SDK is: /src/uabase/uabasec/platforms/<win32><linux>
The folder structure is designed to be multi-platform and having multiple platforms in parallel (because that is how we use it ourselves).

Not sure what you are searching in the "", this has nothing to do with the SDK.

Best Regards
Support Team

Re: UaBase not distributed with Linux platform?

Posted: 26 Oct 2018, 10:28
by Support Team

you are talking about a different SDK (High Performance OPC UA SDK) than the initial topic,
which was about the ANSI C based OPC UA SDK and you have a different problem.

For anybody reading this I recommend using the Unified Automation Support Form to get help: ... _form.html

This asks you for all the important details like product, version, platform, compiler, etc.
This avoids guessing and so your get faster help.
The forum is simply here for historic reasons, FAQs, and so that people can help each other.
Unified Automation Support Team only reads this sporadically.
So please use our official support system to get help from Unfied Automation developers.
This works also for non-customers and problems regarding eval versions or runtime products.

Regarding your problem: You obtained the Linux Source SDK with only the Linux platform layer.
The Windows Platform Layer has to be ordered separately.
See also ... tform.html
Please contact to order a new PL for Windows.