There are three UA Stacks available from the OPC Foundation. In our products we use the OPC UA ANSI C Stack. The Java SDK uses the Java Stack.

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I am using OPC Foundation UA Ansic C stack to develop ua c++ server and client module.

Below is my application description.

1. I have initialised the AnsiC stack and run the OPCUA Server.
2. This OPCUA Server has different Internal Client Component also , to connect and subscribe data from different external OPCUA server.
3. Problem is : when this internal Client Component try to reconnect to the external server module, the entire application changed to a deadlock mode.
ie, the ansiC stack goes somewhere in a waiting or dedlock condition.

so , is there any solution to use the client and server module in a syncronised way using the same ansci c stack.


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Re: UaStack

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Hello Aldrin,

you are developing directly on the ANSI C stack of the OPC Foundation. You are not using any of our products.
In this forum we support customers using Unified Automation software. We can't give support for third party software.

Best Regards,

Unified Automation Support Team

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