TemporaryFileTransferType - event handling basics

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TemporaryFileTransferType - event handling basics

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I'm pretty new to opc-ua and currently I do a lot of reading the specs and playing around with the ua-toolkit.
One of my goals is to transfer files to and from a ua-server using a temporary file object.

The server I'm using exposes a DataTransfer-Object which organizes a TemporaryFileTransfer-Object along with FileTransferStateMachineType.
The FSM sends events upon state transitions.

So what I have is some basic question regarding events:
- I tried to setup a monitored item on the id-member of the fsm to get state changes which unfortunatelly doesn't work i.e. I do not receive
onDataChange Callbacks. Is that by design or do I misunderstand sth?
- to receive events I have to set up a monitored item with the itemid of the source-node.
How can I decide which itemid to use? Did not find nothing in the doc. Finally I used the Server-NodeId (i=2253) and it worked. Why not the Nodeid of
the fsm itself or the nodeid of the TemporaryFileTransferObject?
Generally: how do I detect the source-nodeid of any event?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

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