Connecting failed with error "BadIdentityTokenInvalid"

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Connecting failed with error "BadIdentityTokenInvalid"

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Hi to everybody.

I'm doing a C++ project implementing the OPCUA protocol and I'm focusing on enstablishing a connection between a server/client.
I show you the log messages that I have on UaExpert:

Connecting failed with error "BadIdentityTokenInvalid"
Error "BadIdentityTokenInvalid" was returned during ActivateSession
Used UserTokenType: UserName
ApplicationUri : "urn:open62541.server.application"
Security policy: " ... c256Sha256"
Endpoint: "opc.tcp://localhost:4840"

I'm wondering if the problem is about the server or the user, if it ever happen to someone of you and where I could find help :)
The server seem to have all the UserTokenType enabled but I'm confused about which could be my error.

Thank your in advance for your advices.

Have a good day.

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