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Minimum Sampling Interval supported

Posted: 24 Sep 2019, 07:55
by pkrawal
i am using UA .NET based SDK version 3.0.0 with Windows 10 and compiling it with Visual Studio 2015. I am able to create a server just like the examples "GettingStarted.sln". The problem i faced is with the subscription of some variables. I found out that the sampling interval eventhough can be reduced to 1 ms, is practically limited to 100 ms. I am able to change the minimum publishing interval in the config data. But i want to reduce the minuimum sampling interval. I subscribed to the CurrentTime of the server to find out that i got the notifications every 100 ms and not faster. I would like to have it like every 10 ms or 2 ms (1 ms would be perfect.). Where can i change this setting? How can i resolve this problem ?

Re: Minimum Sampling Interval supported

Posted: 19 May 2020, 21:59
by Support Team

the minimum sampling interval is a value that the server implementation has set. It could be any value the server desires to choose. It could be even "0" indicating fastest or "direct" notification (if the server supports as such). So the minimum sampling is not limited by OPC UA specification nor the OPC technology, it could be infinitely fast. It is only limited by the application's implementation, the software timer accuracy, the CPU power, hardware interrupt, or whatever the implementer choose to drive the sampling. And if a server implementer decides to not do 100% CPU load inside infinitely fast sampling he may choose 1ms or 100ms.