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Opc.Ua.CertificateGenerator expected behavior

Posted: 01 Apr 2019, 22:48
by smgehrig

I am trying to implement certificate management with a GDS.
I have a client that is attempting to call CreateRequest to generate a CSR.

The issue I am running into is that the call throws an exception: "input file was not processed properly"

When checking the tmp file that gets generated by the command and called by, I notice that it does not change to contain "-requestFilePath"
It still has the original content starting with "-cmd request", hence the error.

I tried running the command -f <path/to/tempfile> and it still did not work.
I am also not getting any errors or logs.

Are there any ideas as to why the certificategenerator is not working?
I have uploaded useful diagnostic info such as picture of the file, and the generator version.
*Edit - I don't see the attachments. I will manually enter them below
CertificateGenerator version is:

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temp file written for generator:

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-cmd request
-publicKeyFilePath 3082046930820351A003020102021008DC90DFC3A3D64D8709CB0FAA811B38300D06092A864886F70D01010B05003050311C301A060A0992268993F22C640119160C47434E443732373036315445311A3018060355040A0C11556E69666965644175746
-privateKeyFilePath 3082054E0201033082050A06092A864886F70D010701A08204FB048204F7308204F3308204EF06092A864886F70D010706A08204E0308204DC020100308204D506092A864886F70D010701301C060A2A864886F70D0
-hashSize 256


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  Message=Input file was not processed properly.

Thank you,