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Setting Views in OPC UA Server

Posted: 25 Jul 2018, 12:48
by Talha.Ejaz
Hello Guys ,

I am new to OPC UA and currently working on my Master Thesis. I have few questions regarding the View Feature available in Opc UA server. we normally have a View setting in Opc ua server which is just a subset of Address space , where we limit the view for opc ua client to reduce the burden so that client can only view and get data from the specific nodes in an Address space. As per my knowledge , This view must be first set in opc ua server for the clients. My question is whether there is some feature available in Opc ua client where the client can itself decide from which node i have to receive data. for example there are many nodes in Address space , but the client is interested in getting data from only few nodes, instead of view setting in server, can client or application itself decide that instead of whole data , i should take data from few specific nodes. i am working on a project where we have to set and configure alot of views for different clients.But if we have to configure so many views for every client , it would be very complex and not that suitable , thats why we want that this thing should not be in communication layer or in opc ua server , but from a big address space with many nodes , client can decide itself that i have to take data from few specific nodes. is there any way that we could perform this functionality or is there any other way to do something like that . i will be very thankful for your help . looking forward for a positive response, thanks