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DataTypeDictionary NamespaceUri in Server NamespaceArray

Posted: 03 Feb 2017, 20:15
by kherron
Is the NamespaceUri of a DataTypeDictionary supposed to correspond with entries in the Server's NamespaceArray? And further, if so, should any DataTypes whose encoding is defined in that dictionary use a NodeId with a namespace index corresponding to that entry in the NamespaceArray?

The UaCPPServer demo defines 3 dictionaries:

BA: urn:UnifiedAutomation:CppDemoServer:BuildingAutomation
Demo2: ... ries/Demo2

And a NamespaceArray of:
1: urn:WIN-3O0D2B9VPO1:UnifiedAutomation:UaServerCpp
3: urn:UnifiedAutomation:CppDemoServer:BuildingAutomation
4: ... Permission
5: urn:UnifiedAutomation:CppDemoServer:UANodeSetXmlImport

Is this correct, or should there be an entry for "Demo2" dictionary, and should the "Person" DataType, defined in Demo2, be listed under a NodeId corresponding to the missing NamespaceUri?