State Machine handling

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State Machine handling

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If I specify a state machine object in my model with transitions, causes, effects, etc., is the UA stack and SDK server automatically handling the state machine transitions?
In other words, if a client calls a HasCause referenced method, will the state then be adjusted and an HasEffect referenced event triggered?
Or do I have to program this still via SDK API in my server implementation manually?
What kind of does the SDK provide, except for accesing the state machine related node data?

Grt, Patrick

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Re: State Machine handling

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If you create the state machine with UaModeler, you can create classes for the state machine that handle the node and reference creation and provides also stubs for the methods. But you are responsible for implementing the business logic like in methods and to send events.

If you create all nodes for the state machine by just using the regular NodeManagerBase (NodeManagerUaNode), you must implement also the MethodManager for the Method call handling.

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