General endpoint/certificate issues

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General endpoint/certificate issues

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Dear Support-Team,

I’m not very familiar with the certification/security stuff:
I'm working with your "GettingStarted" Project and try to create endpoints for the security profiles Basic256 and Basic256Rsa15. I followed your Turtorial for Server development and configured the server from code. In this code I enabled all SecurityProfiles, but the server just provide one endpoint [None:None:Binary]. When I start the UaExplorer I’m just able to connect with security setting “None”, in this case the client connects, but the server do not return a certificate. All other security options don't work.

So here are my question:
- What is needed to support all endpoints?
- What is needed to support the client with a valid certificate?

Kind regards

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Re: General endpoint/certificate issues

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The server normally creates a server certificate at first start-up. With the right endpoint configuration this should just work.

If it still does not work, please provide a server log (can be activated in the configuration) and send it to

Best Regards,
Unified Automation Support Team

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