Using MQTT with UaCPP Demo Server

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Using MQTT with UaCPP Demo Server

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I would like to publish server data via pubsub/MQTT to a cloud broker like HiveMQ using the UaCPP Demo Server.
The HiveMQ Broker needs MQTT Access Credentials like user name and password.

- Where can I set these parameters (user and password) in the PubSubConfig View of the UAExpert Client?
- Where do I set the topic of the published message?
I did add the MQTT-Server of HiveMQ, the OPC-UA Demo Server, a Writer Group, Nodes to be published and downloaded the configuration to the CPP Demo Server.
But nevertheless the CPP Demo Server does not publish anything?

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Re: Using MQTT with UaCPP Demo Server

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the feature (PubSub/MQTT) is currently not supported. The UaExpert Plugin "PubSub Config View" can currently not be used for configuring topic/user/pwd, hence can not be used to configure PubSub with MQTT Brokers. Our Cpp-Demo-Server currenly supports the PubSub/UDP only.
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