PLC IP Address/OPC

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PLC IP Address/OPC

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I'm very new to PLCs and therefore, OPC. I have a Microogix 1000 (Allen Bradley) PLC, which I'd like to connect to an OPC server (KepserverEX) running on my computer.

To connect to the PLC, it obviously needs an IP address assigned.

Do I need to run a DHCP/BOOTP sofware on my PC? Do I need an Ethernet switch in between the PLC and the PC, or a crossover Ethernet cable to connect the PLC to the computer?

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Re: PLC IP Address/OPC

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If you have no DNS service in your network, you should use the engineering tool of the PLC manufacturer and get the IP from there.

Some very old PLC have NICs that can not automatically cross, but in most cases a straight patch cable would be sufficient on a direct connection, because the NIC will cross automatically.

If you have switch in between you must use straight cables.
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