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No value changes on UA properties ...

Posted: 23 Jun 2016, 16:54
by falko.wiese
Hi guys,
I wrote a .NET SDK based C/S nutshell to have a bit more convenience while introduce OPC UA in a machine engineering company. Almost everything works fine so far, and as I expected. I've only one issue, I can't receive DataChange Events on my UA client. I created a subscription for a session, and used the method CreateMonitoredItems(), and so on. While initializing a monitored item on client side, I get the correct value from the related property on server side, as well. But only once. If I change the value of that property on server later on, I can't receive change events. What I maybe have to mention is, if I connect the UaExpert to my UA server, I cannot see value changes for properties, which I observe on a Data View page. How can this happen? Is it maybe a misconfiguration for UA Properties on my UA server (I don't use a default ServerConfig.xml)? Or, I don't set the data value to the right UA item, maybe!?

What ever, I'm pretty sure you guys can give me some help!

Thanks in advance for your time,
cheers, Falko!

Re: No value changes on UA properties ...

Posted: 24 Jun 2016, 10:45
by Support Team
Hi Falko,

There is a section in the forum for the .NET SDK. Questions regarding the .NET SDK should be posted there.

Please post your question there and describe more detailed on which example you based your implementation and you should also post the related code you have written to setup the affected Variable and how you set the Value for the Variable.

Based on your explanation the problem seems to be in the server but we have not enough information to be able to help you.

Best Regards,
Unified Automation Support Team

Re: No value changes on UA properties ...

Posted: 24 Jun 2016, 10:50
by falko.wiese
Hello guys,
thought about to have the post in the .NET area, but the issue was first of all pretty common, that's why ...

However, will move the questions - decorated with source code - to the .NET forum.