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StateMachine states are not getting updated

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StateMachine states are not getting updated

Postby sudhapc » 11 Mar 2019, 11:32

StateMachine states are not changing from one state to another. Here no custom API methods are used to change the state of "order" node currentState value.

internal bool UpdateOrderStateToActive(Node orderNode, OMNodeManager omNodeManager)
var orderModel = orderNode.UserData as IOMModel;
if (orderModel == null) return false;
//var stateMachine = new OrderStateMachineModel();
var stateMachine = ((OrderModel) orderModel).State;
stateMachine.CurrentState.Id = new NodeId(Objects.OrderStateMachineType_Active, 5);
stateMachine.CurrentState.Number = Variables.OrderStateMachineType_Active_StateNumber;
stateMachine.CurrentState.Value = new LocalizedText(BrowseNames.Active);
stateMachine.CurrentState.Name = new QualifiedName("Active");
return true;

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