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History read operations

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History read operations

Postby apittier » 06 Mar 2019, 16:52

Dear Support Team,

I'm working on a custom provider based on the uaprovider_demo that's part of the "ANSI C Based OPC UA Client/Server SDK" examples.

As for the historian support, we followed "Lesson 7: Adding Support for Historical Access" and we're using UaServer_FileLogger_Create and UaServer_DataLoggerItemData_Create.

Then for the history read operations we have:

Code: Select all
    a_pProviderInterface->HistoryReadRawModifiedAsync = UaProvider_Demo_HistoryReadRawModifiedAsync;
    a_pProviderInterface->HistoryReadEventAsync       = UaProvider_Demo_HistoryReadEventAsync;
    a_pProviderInterface->HistoryReadAtTimeAsync      = UaProvider_Demo_HistoryReadAtTimeAsync;
    a_pProviderInterface->HistoryReadProcessedAsync   = UaProvider_Demo_HistoryReadProcessedAsync;

As for the above read operations (defined in uaprovider_demo_historyread.c):

  • (r1) UaProvider_Demo_HistoryReadRawModifiedAsync : is solved by calling UaServer_DataLogger_ReadValues
  • (r2) UaProvider_Demo_HistoryReadEventAsync : is not implemented but I think it could be solved using an EventLogItem (UaServer_DataLogger_CreateEventLogItem) and then by calling: "UaServer_DataLogger_ReadEvent", right?
  • (r3) UaProvider_Demo_HistoryReadAtTimeAsync : not implemented
  • (r4) UaProvider_Demo_HistoryReadProcessedAsync : not implemented

  • 1. Is there a suggested approach to implement read operations (r3) and (r4)?
  • 2. Would it be possible to solve (r3) and (r4) using the UaServer_FileLogger and UaServer_DataLoggerItemData?
  • 3. Considering that I'm using UaExpert as the opc-client to access the opc-server, is it possible to call read operations (r3) and (r4) from UaExpert?
  • 4. Confirm that (r2) could be solved with UaServer_DataLogger_CreateEventLogItem and UaServer_DataLogger_ReadEvent

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards,
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