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Encoder for Siemens Datatype DTL

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Encoder for Siemens Datatype DTL

Postby fprobst » 05 Sep 2018, 09:54


we are working with a Siemens SPS 1517 with integrated OPC-UA server and with Firmware 2.5 the nodes underneath the DTL nodes (DAY, MINUTE, HOUR, ...) are no longer writeable. The DTL must be written as structure at once. I tried to solve this but without success. When I read the node i get a Extension Object and a registered decoder is not used.

I think it's should not be so difficult to write a decoder and encoder writing a java.util.Date as Structure into the PLC.

We are using the prosys library in version 3.1.4.

Can someone help me in this issue?

Thanks in advance,
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