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Connect to OPCUASimulation server with Basic256SHA256 failed

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Connect to OPCUASimulation server with Basic256SHA256 failed

Postby jijomonac » 29 Sep 2015, 14:00

We are using Prosys-OPC-UA-Java-SDK-Client-Server-Evaluation-2.1.0-436 and tried to connect to OPC CA Simulation Server. We are able to connect server with Basic128RSA15 and Basic256. But when we tried to connect with "Basic256SHA256" it throws exception

com.prosysopc.ua.client.InvalidServerEndpointException: Failed to create session channel to server: : opc.tcp://JIJOAC:53530/OPCUA/SimulationServer [http://opcfoundation.org/UA/SecurityPolicy#Basic256Sha256,SignAndEncrypt] ServiceResult=Bad_UnexpectedError (0x80010000) "An unexpected error occurred."
at com.prosysopc.ua.client.UaClient.h(Unknown Source)
at com.prosysopc.ua.client.UaClient.connect(Unknown Source)
at opcclient.OPCClient.connect(OPCClient.java:207)
at opcclient.OPCClient.main(OPCClient.java:84)
Caused by: org.opcfoundation.ua.common.ServiceResultException: Bad_UnexpectedError (code=0x80010000, description="Bad_UnexpectedError (code=0x80010000, description="org.opcfoundation.ua.common.ServiceResultException: Bad_SecurityChecksFailed (code=0x80130000, description="Invalid signature: signatures do not match")")")
at org.opcfoundation.ua.transport.tcp.io.TcpConnection$ReadThread.run(Unknown Source)
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Re: Connect to OPCUASimulation server with Basic256SHA256 fa

Postby Support Team » 01 Oct 2015, 08:38


Some issues with Basic256SHA256 were fixed in 2.1.2, so 2.1.0 is probably not interoperable with 2.2.0, which the new SimulationServer is using.
Have a look at: https://downloads.prosysopc.com/opcua/r ... 2-478.html

Best regards
Support Team
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Support Team
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